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Nathan Gregg 

Role Model, 4th quarter 2017

Nathan Gregg
Research Computing

For his dedication and support in launching a new academic program that depends on the High Performance Computing cluster, Nathan Gregg is the latest RockIT Award winner for Role Model. Nate is not only hands-on with the technology, but also works to build relationships with clients and business partners who use the system for groundbreaking research and education. He was nominated for his work on a new Business Data Analytics (BUDA) program for the School of Business and Economics, a hybrid-online, 12-month course of study. The nominator praised Nathe's commitment to the project, as well as the customer service and personal support he provided throughout the project. Among other things, Nate got all the necessary hardware in place, and handled calls from faculty and students. His attention and expertise were indispensable and helped produce a program that is nationally ranked. The clients are thrilled with the results and excited about the future of the program.

Dennis Chase 

Innovation, 4th quarter 2017

Dennis Chase
Banner (STAR) Operations

For tackling a document management problem and developing a creative solution that saved ITS time and money, Dennis Chase is the latest RockIT Award winner for Innovation. The Banner Document Management system (BDM) lets departments scan and archive paper documents. Reducing processing time from 10 seconds to 2 may not seem like much until you multiply that by hundreds or thousands of jobs. Recently, thousands of critical, scanned documents were accidentally deleted without being fully imported for storage. Dennis wrote custom processes to keep this from happening again. The result? It’s the difference between zero to 60 in a Ferrari or a Prius. Multiple imports happen concurrently, scans are proactively checked, and alerts are sent automatically if there is a problem. This saves thousand dollars on licenses that are no longer required, and makes setup and maintenance of the system easier. Now ITS spots problems first and can provide better customer service.

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The makeup of the AwardU committee evolves. It started in 2014 as a deliberately large group of both new and longer-term employees. This helped ensure all ITS units had adequate representation.

The committee is charged with continually assessing, improving, representing and upholding the standards of the AwardU program as set forth in our charter. Vacancies are filled by soliciting volunteers and/or conducting random drawings.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the things I should keep in mind when writing nominations?

The stronger your nomination, the better your colleague's chance of winning. Click here for 5 tips on making your nomination stand out.

Who is eligible for a RockIT award?

Only employees of Information Technology Services will be considered for a RockIT award. However, the hope is that the AwardU model will prove successful and that other University departments may create their own programs under the AwardU umbrella. Should people outside ITS be nominated through AwardU, the Administrator will remove them from the evaluation and judging process.

Where can I find out more about AwardU?

You can read more about how this group got started and its goals in the AwardU Committee Charter.

I have questions and comments. Where can I submit those?

You can submit those here.

How long should my nomination be?

As long as you need it to be. However, until we are able to update the app, you can only enter about one paragraph in the form. Please write your nomination out in a text document before logging into the app to submit it. After entering as much as you’re able in the form, email the entire document to RockITAwards@mail.wvu.edu.

How many people can I nominate?

Three per quarter, or one in each of the three categories – Role Model, Innovator and Outreach. The app counts your nominations and will let you know when you’ve reached your limit.