Barry Wilt
Barry Wilt
Role Model, 2015

Applications Administration-Business Operations

Barry routinely steps up and fills a leadership role without being asked, especially when he sees that the circumstances clearly require it. A recent example is his coordination of the parking gates project. Barry took on a much larger role than initially anticipated, and the project wouldn’t have gotten done without his persistence.

Barry took the initiative to work after hours with a colleague to ensure a key piece of work got done. It was a critical point in the process, and the vendor said that if the problem weren't resolved that night, they would not be back. Barry went above and beyond to show the vendor exactly where the problem was and how to fix it. His work helped keep the project on schedule and preserved a productive relationship with the vendor.

He takes this kind of approach to every project he’s put on. Barry is very technical and analytical, but also very much a natural leader and interested in self-improvement and growth. He even enrolled in the Mountaineer Leadership Academy while completing his master’s degree.