Brian Gibson
Brian Gibson
Role Model, 2014

Network Engineer

Brian excels at his job, going over and above his responsibilities every day to ensure the campus community gets the best service possible. He doesn’t wait to be told what to do. He demonstrates initiative, bringing to the table fully developed new ideas that will help not only ITS, but the entire University. For example, Brian took a half-formed idea of changing the guest wireless network and executed it on his own over the holiday break, while on vacation.

He is often up at 2 a.m. applying software fixes to minimize disruptions for students, faculty and staff, and he is often on the road in the late afternoons to help students in their residence halls. Brian is also a key factor in making sure WVU Athletics has the best networking service during campus events, and he puts in even more time outside of work to make this possible. His colleagues look up to him as a hard worker and bright individual.

Going above and beyond is what Brian does every single day. He often comes in on his own time and on his days off without being asked. He wants to do good work because that is who he is.