Chris Boyer
Chris Boyer
Innovation, 2015

Identity Access Management

Chris Boyer demonstrates all the characteristics of an innovator. He has been a critical part of the Trident project, which involves upgrading the software behind MyID. In January, Chris found ways to improve the efficiency and footprint of the Trident code. The vendor representatives were so excited about what Chris had accomplished that they asked for him to share his solution on their Center of Excellence. They are including his solution in a one of their next major software releases.

After training on the Bonita software that the vendor had suggested for workflow, Chris recognized the level of effort to build and support the tool was not in the best interest of ITS. He worked with the vendor to identify other options, ultimately presenting a solution that saves ITS time and money, while still delivering a quality user experience with MyID.

Chris is someone who is always looking for creative, effective and efficient approaches to ITS operations and processes. When presented with a problem, he works to find the simplest and most supportable long-term solution.