Justin Holstein
Justin Holstein
Role Model, 3rd Quarter 2016

For his eagerness to accept any task, big or small, and the positive attitude he brings to everything he does, Justin Holstein was named the RockIT Award winner for Role Model. 

WVU currently has 1,000+ security cameras, and Justin is installing more daily. He goes above and beyond to work with departments and UPD on the design and placement, cost estimates and security concerns. 

Justin works well with everyone, from administrative assistants to the president. He puts extraordinary thought into making sure everyone’s concerns are addressed, while always keeping budget constraints in mind. Until recently, Justin was also responsible for supporting the residential internet connections for 5,000+ students. Move-In is especially stressful, but students and parents have raved about Justin’s technical knowledge, patience and attitude. 

Justin consistently sets an excellent example for student workers, staff and even fellow ITS volunteers on the annual Team Connect initiative. His attitude and energy are truly contagious.