Kelly Hayes
Kelly Hayes
Innovation, 3rd Quarter 2016

For cleverly developing a SharePoint site that appears to the untrained eye to be a modern web app, Kelly Hayes was named an Innovator by ITS peers. 

She singlehandedly designed a clever solution to a problem the WVU LaunchLab faced: They needed to manage student's business ideas and coordinate information-sharing among students, professors and administrators. The system had to be accessible from anywhere yet ensure confidentiality. A vendor product was cost-prohibitive, but the LaunchLab needed to replace their manual, paper-intensive process. 

Kelly designed an intuitive web form in SharePoint for students to submit ideas. She then figured out a way to use the workflow to automatically generate a "business portal” or subsite for each idea. She also found a way for multiple students to be associated with an idea, dramatically improving the site's functionality. 

Kelly even designed an administrator view and an efficient way to push announcements and worksheets to each business portal.