Robert Hastings role model
Robert Hastings
Role Model

For instilling the values of collaboration, initiative and imagination in an Advanced Support team that only formed two years ago, and for ensuring cross-training, Robert Hastings was named a Role Model RockIT Award winner.

Robert is a quiet leader who inspires others and follows through on his commitments. He listens carefully in conversation for areas where his team can contribute, even if they haven’t been asked. Robert also redefines success by constantly improving his skills.

For example, Rob was not overly confident when he had to communicate in writing, but he often needed to communicate with faculty and University leaders. He wrote and rewrote messages, seeking feedback and suggestions, until his writing became polished, clear and professional.

Rather than trying avoiding a weakness or delegating work, he committed to change. Rob should inspire each of us to do our best possible work and to help others achieve their goals.