Sarah Bishop
Sara Bishop

For outstanding work and leadership in the “Goodwill City” initiative, Sara Bishop won the RockIT Award for Outreach.

Goodwill City aims to improve sportsmanship and the experience for fans visiting from opposing athletic teams. Sara was interviewed by the Dominion Post in April 2016 about how the ambassadors reach out to visiting alumni groups and ensuring that ambassadors are there to greet them when they arrive.

The Oklahoma Sooners told media after their first visit that they’d been slightly worried about bringing fans to Morgantown, but they had a great experience with positive greetings and offers of help. Then they returned with their families.

The ambassadors are sending letters to the editor of opposing teams’ hometown newspapers to make sure fans know they are welcome here, and Athletics has asked the ambassadors to expand their role from just football to basketball and baseball. Sara is making a difference for WVU, the community and the region.