Jamie Robey
Role Model Outbound Support
For outstanding leadership of the Outbound Support team and his helpful, approachable, positive demeanor, Jamie Robey is the ITS RockIT Award winner for Role Model. Jamie provides guidance and opportunities for his group, and always seeks the best ways to support our customers. He works with the team rather than delegating from behind the scenes. He operates with faculty, staff and students in mind, and he has worked for years to build meaningful relationships across ITS and WVU. Jamie began rotating his team to different locations throughout the year, allowing ITS to provide better support based on workload and giving the team the chance to meet and interact with more customers across campus. He also encourages the team to proactively visit customers when workloads are low. Jamie has a remarkable ability to talk to anyone, to ease their anxieties and to translate their needs into a solution ITS can provide.